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I play Guild wars 2 at EU - server Aurora Glade, my characters represent guild [WTNF].
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Amélie Hutt asked me “Do you have any advice about marketing and to find clients?”

Here is some advice, this is just my opinion, my ways to market my work (I apologize if my english writing sounds not perfect ;)
It’s a lot of work if you want to do it seriously; I read in a book that it should be 70% of your time to be really efficient (but it sounds crazy, you’re not really working on your stuff anymore). Or you can find an art representative, who is gonna help you for that job.

++ Internet is one of the best platforms to start ++

You need to be seen and let the audience recognizes your work:
- Post your work (pro, personal, sketch, collaborations…) on the social networks (Facebook, tweeter, tumblr …),
- have a website,
- have a LinkedIn page, behance, artstation…
All those platforms are usefull, “pro-connected” and viral, to get more exposure. If you are (really) productive, one post every 1-3 days is good (especially on FB), more would be too much for your audience, I think. One post every two days sounds good to me even if it’s still a lot, and that depends on your philosophy (such as “quality is better than quantity”…) and your public. Considering Facebook limits the visibility of your post (otherwise you have to pay), you have better chance to be seen if you post more regularly and quite often (so every 1-2 days). It’s a lot of commitment, but significantly helpful to extend your visibility.

+ If your work can fit into galleries, make a list of the ones which might be interesting and interested by your work. In any doubt, try anyway to contact them, visit them to ask questions.

+ Look into artistic events, send your application to participate,

+ Organize collaborations with other artists,

+ Make announcements about your future events (exhibition, sale of artworks, new website, books, collaborations, …),

++ Have an efficient portfolio ++

This is never easy, especially when you do a lot of difference things, clients can be lost. Try to be organized and separate your artworks by sections, or different portfolios according to your targets. In my case, I have 2 main sections in my homepage, like 2 websites: one related to games, RPJ, commercial illustrations, and another one more personal.
The simplistic presentation is often the most efficient. Just keep in mind that clients are busy and that they want to go straight to the point.
For video game artists: ArtStation is free, easy, connected to a large platform of professionals, and allows you to publish a webpage. Also: Behance, CargoCollective (illustration, photo, design…), carbonmade, indexhibit,…

++ It is good to thank your followers for their support ++

» Because they share their feelings, talk, defends and respect your work. Sometimes it’s hard to respond to everyone because you’re busy, but try as much as you can, even if it’ll be a short answer; they will understand :)

» Sometimes I like to launch a contest, to celebrate the season greetings, or because a social page has reached a special amount of followers… The randomly picked participant can win a print, a drawing (it’s an example)… I’m happy for them (and also super happy when that happens to me :D)

» Thank also your previous clients when you can, with greeting cards, email with an update of your portfolio…

» It is also good to support the others artists in any ways. I realize that I can’t do it for all those I admire and respect, but I’m glad when I can do it, when I can help.

++ Contact the clients directly ++

That can be for an available job/contract or for a speculative application. The way to do it depends on the artistic field and what you want to reach, but usually there is the same base (imo):
- a cover letter, with the reasons why you contact them (they need to feel this is not a copy-pasted application),
- a link to your website/pdf & CV,
- what you can offer (your skills),
- what you’d love to do with them,
- what you have done…
- What commitments you’re ready for to get that job (such as: open to learn new softwares, relocation, training if you start in this field…).
- Don’t lie, try to be yourself.
- Don’t be negative.

Don’t write a too long letter
Try to give the more important informations at the top of the e-mail to be sure they won’t skip it; you’re not the only one applying, they are busy. Start with the reason why you contact them (the related job/position, and the short version of the reason “why them” in particular), links of your website+CV and then, a deeper explanation of your background, skills, expectations, etc…

Be patient
If there is no answer for several weeks, several months, or even not at all: don’t be offended, that happens all the time. Companies (small or big) are busy, and/or don’t need anybody at the moment, or have already found somebody else, or your portfolio doesn’t fit enough = keep working.
Sometimes, you can wait a really long time before a client gets back to you; so be patient.
Wait at least 6months before sending an application again to the same company, and I would hardly recommend to update your portfolio at the same time.

+ Also to find new clients, make a lot of research about what you’re looking for, the related companies, projects, learn and practice the softwares you might use in those companies…

Hoping that can help!

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loving a character everybody hates


hating a character everybody loves


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Unleash your inner kawaii

I hope i’m not too late with the trend :P AE staff lets us have good stuff with unconditional love


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my anaconda don’t want none unless you got 



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was talking to ches-and-snickers about the good ole days running dragon fable ask blogs. and i decided to compile some of the stuff i loved and stuff i think that looks nice even after a year? XD i think it has been a year already

i feel so nostalgic

I swear i don’t even remember shipping konnan and seppy

let me know what you DF people think! :3

I’m not sure who the devil is between these two anymore X’D



lol i was planning to do a before and after after finals exam
but then i discovered i already did X’D

lol i was planning to do a before and after after finals exam

but then i discovered i already did X’D